Format Parts

Blister Machine’s Format Part is always one of the major challenges for Pharma Industry to Run Production at lower Cost. XTECHNOCRAT is one of the alternate option for  OEM replacement. We are the manufacturer of most of the Blister Machine’s Format parts. 

Our Manufacturing facilities has a total area of 16,000 Sq Feet for producing Change parts with set up of all machineries. We follow our SOP and conduct internal trail of Change Part & Quality testing. Our Manufacturing expertise of 19 years of understanding customer needs & supplying quality to many of the customer. Our team has invested efforts in bettering our product quality & services that has lead to total customer satisfaction.

Service is one of the key factor to run production smoothly. We do have strong sales & service support to customer. we can also provide service & AMC for all type of Blister Packaging Machine & Autocartonator for Non Stop production.

We want our customer to run machine frequently to get maximum production. Addition to our machine spares ,We can also supply other make Blister packaging machine & Auto Cartonators.

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