Vertical Storage System


Ergo-Tech picking bay
Standard earthquake-proof structure
Possibility of outdoor installation without additional cladding structure
Cladding down to the floor

Decreased footprint up to 1/10
Increased productivity up to 7 times
Ideal for materials of different types, weight and size
Elimination of errors
Storage control
Reduction of operator risks and loss of goods
Improved efficiency

  • Vertical space of the facility is over 12’/4 meters;
  • Inventory mix changes often and there is a need for a flexible storage solution to easily accommodate the change in quantity and size of the stored parts;
  • Inventory mix requires flexibility: store goods have variable sizes and weight;
  • Picking operation requires integrated lifting assistance;


  • Goods to Man
  • Optimization of space and work times
  • Traceability of materials and operations
  • Remote archive access and consultation
  • Protection of goods

The ideal storage solution for space optimization

Eurot is an automatic storage system with rotating shelves. It is the ideal solution when it is necessary to operate quickly and ergonomically in limited spaces.
The rotating shelves always follow the shortest route to present the material to the operator in the consultation area.
The Ejlog management software, developed in-house by the Ferretto Group, ensures rapid identification of documents, easy management of picking lists, and remote access to the archive.

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