IRB 1100

Class-leading performance for high-quality manufacturing
Aimed at increasing manufacturing productivity,
IRB 1100 provides up to 35% faster cycle times and best-in-class repeatability for high quality manufacturing. IRB 1100 consistently outperforms similar robots in terms of payload and position repeatability (RP) even when under space constraints.
Indeed, IRB 1100 offers the highest payload for a robot of its class.
Compact and small footprint design ensures flexible installation
Compared to the previous generation, the IRB 1100 robot design was optimized with a 10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for space efficient installation in diverse environments, such
as electronics manufacturing factories.
The small footprint allows multiple robots to be deployed simultaneously in order to collaboratively perform automation operations, enabling more flexible handling for heavy-load operations with
complex tools/end effectors.
Powered by ABB’s new OmniCoreTM controller, IRB 1100 is equipped with advanced motion control capabilities, making it ideal for supporting rapid
assembly, pick-and-place, and material handling applications.

• Offers 35% faster cycle times for increased productivity
• 10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for easy installation
• The highest payload for a robot of its class
• Equipped with up to 16 I/O connections (C1+C2) for more sophisticated/ complex applications

• Assembly & Testing
• Loading & Unloading
• Screw driving
• Rubber insertion
• Polishing, grinding, buffing, deburring and sanding

IRB 120

As a family of robots, the IRB 1200 comes in two
variants which can handle a wide range of applications. Both IRB 1200 variants can be mounted at any angle and come with IP 40 protection as standard.
Both variants are available with Food Grade Lubrication, Safe Move2, Foundry Plus 2 and Clean Room option. The 700 mm reach variant can carry a payload of up to 7 kg, while the longer reach 900 mm variant can carry up to 5 kg of payload.
Food Grade Lubrication and Clean Room option
This Food Grade Lubrication (NSF H1) option includes Clean Room ISO class 3 and IP67 protection rating which ensure uncompromising safety and hygiene for food and beverage applications. The Clean Room ISO class 3 design eliminates the potential for contamination of the food handling area. This option provides smooth surfaces and makes it easy to keep clean and maintain in environments such as CNC
machine tending and material handling in the food industry. This results in features that allow for 15% smaller cells with 10% shorter cycle times.

15% smaller cells that have 10% shorter cycle times
• Available with Food Grade Lubrication
• Optionally with Safe Move2 functionality
• Available with Foundry Plus 2 protection for harsh environments
• IP40 protection as standard; Clean Room, IP67 and Foundry Plus 2 protection are also available options
• 4 air ducts, 10 customer signals and Ethernet
routed internally from wrist flange to foot
• Mountable at any angle
• Large useable working area in a compact footprint

IRB 1200

Compact and light weight IRB 120’s compact design enables it to be mounted virtually anywhere at any angle without any restriction
– for example inside a cell, on top of a machine or close to other robots.
IRB 120 is also the most portable and easy to integrate on the market with its 25 kg weight. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and the cables for air and customer signals are internally routed, all the way from the foot to the wrist, ensuring that integration is effortless.
IRB 120 is ideal for a wide range of industries including the electronic, food and beverage, machinery, solar, pharmaceutical, medical and research sectors.
The Food Grade Lubrication (NSF H1) option includes Clean Room ISO Class 5, which ensures uncompromising safety and hygiene for food and beverage applications.

• Offers 35% faster cycle times for increased productivity
• 10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for easy installation
• The highest payload for a robot of its class
• Equipped with up to 16 I/O connections (C1+C2) for more sophisticated/ complex applications

• Assembly & Testing
• Loading & Unloading
• Screw driving
• Rubber insertion
• Polishing, grinding, buffing, deburring and sanding

IRB 140

Small, powerful and fast
The compact, powerful IRB 140 industrial robot is a six axis multipurpose robot that handles payload of 6 kg, with long reach (810 mm). The IRB 140 can be floor mounted, inverted or on the wall in any angle.
Available as Standard, Foundry Plus 2, Clean Room and Wash versions, all mechanical arms completely
IP67 protected, making IRB 140 easy to integrate in and suitable for a variety of applications. Uniquely extended radius of working area due to bend-back
mechanism of upper arm, axis 1 rotation of 360 degrees even as wall mounted.
The compact, robust design with integrated cabling adds to overall flexibility. The Collision Detection
option, with full path retraction, ensures the robot is reliable and safe.
When using the IRB 140T, cycle-times are considerably reduced where axis 1 and 2 predominantly are used. Reductions between 15-20 % are possible using pure
axis 1 and 2 movements. This faster version is well suited for packing applications and guided operations
together with PickMaster.

• Arc welding
• Assembly
• Cleaning/Spraying
• Machine tending
• Material handling
• Packing
• Deburring

IRB 1410

The robot has a handling capacity of 5kg at the wrist with a unique 18kg additional load for applications equipment on the upper arm. Superior levels of control and path accuracy provide excellent work quality. The ability to adjust process speed and position means you achieve optimum manufacturing accuracy with little or no rejects.
IRB 1410 is known for its stiff and robust construction.
This translates into low noise levels, long intervals between routine maintenance and long service life.
The robot has a large working area and long reach.
The compact design, very slim wrist and high performance operation even in difficult and restricted locations.

• Arc Welding
• Material Handling
• Machine Tending

IRB 1520ID

Dedicated arc welding robot With IRB 1520ID (Integrated Dressing), the hose package is totally integrated into the upper arm and through the base of the robot. This means, all media necessary for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air is routed for maximized performance and energy efficiency. The IRB 1520ID delivers stable welding, excellent path accuracy, short cycle times and extended life expectancy of the hose package. Thanks to the integrated dressing, welding around cylindrical objects can be carried out without any stops and narrow spaces are more easily accessed.
Flexible installation
With a payload capacity of 4 kilograms and a reach of 1.5 meters, the highly compact IRB 1520ID can be mounted in both floor and inverted position. This positioning flexibility offers short cycle times and a wide range of production possibilities.

For worry-free operation, ABB also offers RemoteService, which gives remote access to equipment for monitoring and support. Moreover, ABB customers can take advantage of the company’s service organization; with more than 35 years of experience in the arc welding sector, ABB provides service support in over 100 locations in 53 countries.

IRB 1660

Double your throughput
The IRB 1600 has up to 50 percent shorter cycle
times than competing robots in material handling,
machine tending and process applications. It speeds
up and slows down faster than other robots, saving
time while moving between tasks. This is possible
due to ABB’s patented second generation QuickMove motion control, combined with the robot’s
strong motors and low friction losses in the spur

No more cutting corners
At high speed, most robots will cut corners. With
the IRB 1600, the path will be the same regardless
of speed, thanks to the robot’s unique combination
of brains and brawn. Intelligent second generation
True Move motion control means that ”what-youprogram-is-what-you-get”. Add muscle – a heavy
and stiff design – low vibrations and low friction –
and you have a robot that will deliver consistently
high work piece quality, high yield and few rejects.

• Assembly
• Arc Welding
• Material Handling
• Machine Tending
• Material Removal
• Cleaning/Spraying
• Dispensing
• Packing

IRB 1660ID

Up to 10% shorter cycle times IRB 1660ID’s new compact wrist with very powerful motors enables fast and reliable movements that do not impede swinging cables and allow maximum acceleration and speed at all times. This combined with ABB’s QuickMoveTM technology allows the IRB 1660ID to shorten cycle times up to 10% compared to competition.
Outstanding weld qualityThe demand for superior and quality in arc welding applications has increased, requiring improved wire feeding control near the arc to guarantee high volume production. The IRB 1660ID has a stronger more rigid upper arm able to lift up to 6 kg to accommodate heavier torches. This, combined with ABB‘s TrueMoveTM technology and the new motion process “Accuracy mode” provides 0.05 mm path repeatability for excellent welding results.

• Arc welding
• Machine tending
• Material handling

IRB 2400

All models offer you inverted mounting capability. The compact design of the IRB 2400 ensures ease of installation. The robust construction and use of minimum parts contribute to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance. The Foundry Plus version is washable with high pressure steam and it’s supplied with increased environment protection meeting IP 67 standard.

• Arc Welding
• Cutting/Deburring
• Grinding/Polishing

IRB 2600

Short cycle times

Thanks to the compact and optimized design resulting in a low weight, the IRB 2600 can cut the cycle times of the industry benchmark by up to 25 %. The patented QuickMove™ motion control software ensures that the maximum acceleration achievable is highest in its class, together with high maximum speeds. The benefit is increased production capacity and high productivity.

Large working range
The combination of large working range and flexible mounting makes it possible to reach machines to be served without interfering with auxiliary equipment.
By optimising the robot placement, you’ll benefit from higher productivity. Flexible mounting is also very useful when you are simulating the best position for
your application.

• Arc Welding
• Assembly
• Material Handling
• Machine Tending
• Material Removal
• Cleaning/Spraying
• Dispensing
• Packing

IRB 2600ID

Faster programming
The ease with which off-line programs can be created
with Integrated Dressing (ID). The controlled movements of the hoses and cables are easily predicted
which minimizes the time required for fine-tuning
programs and enables a faster start of production.
Total programming time is reduced by up to 90%.
Reduced cost of ownership
With all hoses and cables firmly secured and protected, they swing less during operation, and with
less exposure to weld spatter or cutting fluids and
the lifetime increases significantly. Costs are reduced
in terms of purchasing and welding torch exchange
by up to 75% and up to three production stops per
year can be eliminated.

• Machine tending
• Material handling
• Arc welding

IRB 4400

Fast, compact and versatile industrial robot
IRB 4400 is a rigid, well-balanced design and patented
TrueMoveTM function provide smooth and fast movement throughout the entire working range. This ensures
very high quality in applications such as cutting. Rapid
maneuverability makes the IRB 4400 perfectly matched
for applications where speed and flexibility are
important. The compact design and protected versions
enables use in situations where conventional robots
cannot work, such as foundry and spraying applications.
The Foundry Plus 2 version is IP 67 protected and can
be washed with high pressure steam, which makes it
ideal for use in harsh environments.
Reliability and economy
The robust, rigid construction means long intervals
between routine maintenance. Well-balanced steel
arms with double bearing joints, a torque-strut on
axis 2 and use of maintenance-free gearboxes and
cabling also contribute to the very high levels of
reliability. The drive train is optimised to give high
torque with the lowest power consumption for economic operation.

• Cutting/Deburring
• Die Spraying
• Dispensing
• Grinding/Polishing
• Measuring

IRB 460

High precision movements
Utilizing ABB’s patented motion control software,
QuickMove™ and TrueMove™, the IRB 460 ensures
palletizing is carried out with smooth movements
and high path accurary. This means even the most
sensitive products will be handled with great care
without losing cycle time.
Higher output from a smaller footprint
The compact design of the IRB 460 allows pallets to
be placed 20 % closer to the robot as compared with
competitors’ robots with similar speeds and payloads. This can increase productivity by up to 3 %.

• Palletizing
• Depalletizing
• Material handling

IRB 4600

Ultra-wide working range
You can position the IRB 4600 in the most favourable
way with regard to reach, cycle time and auxiliary
equipment. Flexible mounting with floor, tilted, semishelf or inverted mounting is very useful when you
are simulating the best position for your application.
The small footprint, the slim swing base radius
around axis 1, the fine elbow behind axis 3, the
small lower and upper arms, and the compact wrist
all contribute to the most compact robot in its class.
With the IRB 4600 you can create your production
cell with reduced floorspace by placing the robot
closer to the served machines, which also increases
your output and your productivity.

• Arc Welding
• Assembly
• Material Handling
• Machine Tending
• Material Removal
• Cleaning/Spraying
• Dispensing
• Packing
• Laser Cutting
• Laser Welding

IRB 660

Pushing the working envelope
The IRB 660 is a dedicated palletizer that blends
speed, reach and payload like no other robot on the
market. This is an exceptionally fast 4-axis machine
that combines a 3.15 meter reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletizing bags, boxes,
crates, bottles and more.
The IRB 660 is considerably faster than its predecessor.
Its optimized motor power and motion performance
ensure significantly shorter cycle times than competing
products. The new palletizer comes in a high-speed
version capable of handling 180 kg payloads at full
speed, and as a 250 kg version for high throughput.
The robot’s impressive reach means it can service
up to four in-feed conveyors, two pallet stacks, one

• Material handling
• Palletizing

IRB 6620

The agile large robot
This relatively small and compact robot is easy to
install thanks to its low weight. In spite of its small
size neither the handling capacity nor the reachability
are affected. The robot’s compactness and shelf
capability also make it ideally suited for applications
where robots are placed on different levels. The
shelf mounted robot may in this case be tilted to
increase space between the two levels.
With the IRB 6620 you get a flexible and cost efficient
solution that generates high uptime and lower production costs.

• Machine Tending
• Material Handling
• Spot Welding

IRB 6640

Higher payload
The maximum payload is 235 kg, which makes it
suitable for a variety of heavy material handling
applications. The robot also follows the tradition
of having outstanding inertia capabilities, which
makes it possible to handle heavy and wide parts. ABB
robots are also known for their collision resistance.
Easy maintenance
Simplified fork lift pockets and more space in the
robot foot make the robot easier to maintain.

• High pressure cleaning
• High pressure deburring
• Immersion Cleaning
• Water jet cleaning
• Washing

IRB 6650S

Injection Moulding
The IRB 6650S is especially suited for large injection
moulding machines over 1,000 tons. The flexibility of
the six axis robot facilitates post process applications
like flaming and assembly operations.
Die Casting
The unique working envelope ensures easy access
for die spraying as well as part handling. The process
cabling is protected within the robot arm system,
thus improving the lifetime of the process cabling.

The IRB 6650S is available with LeanID Dress Pack,
an option that improves the possibility with many
complex wrist movements and where the need for
flexibility in changing products is high.

IRB 6660

The pre-machining robot
High productivity in machining applications requires
a stiff and robust robot. The IRB 6660 has a parallel
arm structure, and in general, a very compact and
sturdy mechanical design. Its special dual bearing
design and powerful gears and motors provide
additional support for handling fluctuating process
forces common within applications such as milling,
deburring and grinding.

• Press tending
• Machine tending
• Machining
• Milling
• Cutting
• Grinding
• Sawing

IRB 6660FX

Dynamic model control
The IRB 6660FX is also equipped with integrated
dynamic model control to ensure the that all seven
axes are coordinated and operating at optimum
speed and lifetime.
User-friendly programming interface
The IRB 6660FX is programmed the same way as
its 6-axis counterpart is. Additionally, it can be
programmed using ABB’s StampWare.

• Press automation

IRB 6700

Robust and reliable
The entire robot structure has been strengthened
with higher rigidity, resulting in increased accuracy,
shorter cycle time and better protection. It has been
built to withstand the harshest working environments
and is available with ABB’s ultimate Foundry Plus 2
protection system. The IRB 6700 has also been validated and tested with more robot prototypes than
ever before to ensure that the predictions for reliability were accurate in the real world.
Simplified maintenance
In designing the robot, easier serviceability was
identified as a critical aspect for improving its total
cost of ownership. Therefor service and repair time
has been reduced by 15 percent.

• Increased service intervals and decreased
service times
• Longer uptime – mean time between failures
400,000 hours
• Available with LeanID for cost effectively
increasing dress pack lifetimes
• More robust with a rigid structure and a new
generation of motors and compact gearboxes
• Increased speed and shorter cycle times –
on average 5 percent faster
• Improved accuracy and higher payloads
• Built to operate in the harshest environments –
available with Foundry Plus 2 package
• 15 percent lower energy consumption

IRB 6790

Unrivalled flexibility for increased productivity
The IRB 6790’s high flexibility allows different part
geometries to be cleaned in the same cell with zero
changeover time. This supports mass customization
for automotive manufacturers as well as original
equipment manufacturers and their tier suppliers.
In addition to increased flexibility and productivity,
this solution provides faster speeds and on average
a 5% shorter cycle time.
The robot design is focused on delivering reliability,
improved system uptime, and optimized maintenance
for convenient serviceability, which reduces the total
cost of ownership by 60%.

• Stainless steel and plated surfaces to ensure
corrosion protection.
• All movable sealing joints in stainless steel.
• Higher thermal and chemical resistance with
durable Viton® seals.
• All electrical encapsulations, wrist and balancing
unit pressurized and supervised.
• Cable glands made for wet environment.
• Compatible with pH levels of up to 10.
• Protection level IP 69.
• All warning and instruction signs are etched to
withstand the environment.

IRB 760

High precision movements
Utilizing ABB’s patented motion control software,
QuickMove™ and TrueMove™, the IRB 760 ensures
palletizing and press tending is carried out with
smooth movements and high path accuracy. This
means even the most sensitive products will be
handled with great care without losing cycle time.
Low cost of ownership and increased productivity
The robot’s robust and rigid design – manufactured
to automotive industry standards – ensures high
uptime and low maintenance costs. The IRB 760 also
features integrated process cabling which helps
extend life and reduces wear. We also offer RoboCare,
a three-year warranty package that ensures worryfree operation of your robots at a fixed cost.

• Full layer palletizing
• Palletizing
• Depalletizing
• Material handling
• Press tending

IRB 7600

A major challenge with robots handling payloads of
up to 500 kg is ensuring the safety for personnel
and protecting expensive equipment from the
unlikely event of an accident. As a result, ABB has
developed SafeMove2, a safety certified robot
supervision solution that allows lean and flexible
robotic systems without compromising safety.
It includes a host of cutting-edge safety functions,
including safe speed limits, safe standstill
monitoring, safe axis ranges and position and
orientation supervision.

• Reliable – High production up time
• Security – A safe investment
• Fast – Short cycle times
• Accurate – Consistent parts quality
• Strong – Maximized utilization
• Robust – Harsh production environment
• Versatile – Flexible integration and production

IRB 8700

Outstanding reliability
With a straightforward and uncomplicated design
that uses world-class components, LeanID for the
best cost-to-endurance ratio in a dress pack, and
ABB’s Foundry Plus 2 as standard protection, the IRB
8700 will run with very high uptime—a key feature in
production lines that operate around the clock.
Simplified design
The IRB 8700 has only one motor and one gear per
robot axis, while most other robots in this size class
use dual motors and/or gears. In addition, there are no
gas springs that can leak and cause safety problems,
only a reliable counterweight and mechanical springs
for counter balancing. Together these design elements
mean fewer components to fail while delivering
shorter cycle times and higher accuracy.

• High payloads up to 1000 kg with the wrist down
• 25% faster speeds than other robots in size class
• Highly reliable with simplified design and Foundry
Plus 2 protection standard
• Built around LeanID for reduced wear on dress
packs and ease of simulation
• Built using non-hazardous materials

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